Changes Are Here...We ask for your Patience

CHANGE.... ugh...really?

Yes- we are going through some changes and ask for your patience.

Our Brunswick County MLS (Realtor talk) has recently changed providers which affects the way ALL OF US search for real estate properties for sale. This obviously affects this website, which should provide you with the most up-to-date Sunset Beach Island Homes and Land for sale. Please be patient with us and our Website. We are personally having to learn a whole new system from re-entering every Current Listing, making changes, being able to interpret the data we have access to and reporting it accurately to you. In turn, the website feed may have glitches. We apologize in advance for this. This is a county-wide, regional-wide change affecting 9 counties on the east coast of North Carolina. The major Real Estate websites may likely be reporting the data incorrectly as well.

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Dave Nelson continues to list, sell and build Sunset Beach, NC Island Properties 
and looks forward to hearing from you with any questions you have. 

Thank you! 
Sunset Beach Island's leading Real Estate Broker,    
Dave Nelson    

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